A Way Out: Beyond The Grave

A Way Out: Beyond The Grave

Separated until the veil was torn
The moment that hope was born
and guilt was pardoned once and for all

Captivated but no longer bound by chains
left at an empty grave
the sinner and the sacred resolved

I was getting ready to sleep and was lying in my bed. A thought popped up in my mind- what if I get stuck in an elevator. Another thought came – I had heard that some people have the fear of being buried alive. I started feeling uncomfortable and claustrophobic feelings popped up, thoughts not helpful when you want to sleep!

I thought of an incident a few months back when I got stuck in an elevator. It was quite an uncomfortable experience which lasted for about 15 minutes. I was shaken by the experience and have become sceptical about the reliability of elevator technology. Another traumatic experience that crept into mind was one during my childhood when I had locked myself in a steel cabinet.

I sat up in the bed, prayed, but the feeling persisted. In my restlessness I tapped on a song in my phone, the words Left an empty grave stood out, it was like a light in pitch darkness. The reminder of that act done by Christ brought hope that even if it’s a grave, that will not be the end but the beginning, it was quite a reassuring thought which brought back the peace I longed for. It also helped me to see beyond the experience of fear.

When did I sleep? Well, I don’t know, no one really does, right?

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