SHIJU JOHN, Trainer and Counselor, BCTI

This morning we (Jonathan, Nidish and me) were meditating from John’s gospel 6:16-24. The portion narrates walking of Jesus on water. During the meditation Jonny asked if anybody heard of any Christian walking on water. As we hear many miraculous incidence performed by Christians as healing of sick, raising of dead and other supernatural experiences. However, no Christian is heard of walking on water though many magicians claim to have done so.

The question I had on my mind was what we have, from the portion read, to take away for us. Later the day as BCTI staff were praying for different concerns, I noticed that we have many a needs but no tangible source to fulfill those. Nevertheless, we were praying in faith and seeing it fulfilled in its due course of time. Then it dawned to me that this is it, we are doing it, WALKING ON WATER.

Walking on water is different from skimming the water surface with the aid of particular gears. Science has helped us to understand, why humans can’t walk on water, unless dilatants are implied? Humans, structurally, are big, making the gravitational force dominant over the surface tension of water resulting us to sink. However, science, to this day, is unable to present us with a law that will enable humans to walk on water.

We need concrete platform to put our steps firmly and then pave our way through. This, we know, cannot be achieved on water surface in its liquid form. On physical ground humans cannot walk on water, but on spiritual grounds Christians do walk on water. If we consider our daily circumstances (smooth or rough) as water, then we are indeed walking on water by faith. When we put our faith in God and cast our burdens on Christ, we are delighted in God. This lightens the weight of our soul, nullifying the gravitational pull that circumstances forces on us, thus enabling us to walk on water.

Now to Jonny’s question, ‘Why Christians are not heard of walking on water?, the answer probably would be; Christians may not be walking on literal H2O, but on spiritual ground many Christians, who have faith in Christ, are walking on water. Since, this scenario is grown common and therefore not mentioned in highlights. Nevertheless, we Christians are walking on water with our eyes and faith fixed on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

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