Our Mission

BCTI is a movement established to support the Church in Hindi-speaking regions of North India to respond to the challenges of Christian living in the 21st century. We do this by building the capacity of the church to become a caring community through biblically based training and resources on issues of everyday living.

Our Methods

BCTI is focused on equipping pastors & church leaders in North India for the ministry of biblical counseling and pastoral care. We do this through our Training programs, Counseling services and Christian Books & resources.


There are various types of counseling for common issues related to human behavior, each based on its own model to understand human behavior. The most common model is based on a secular understanding of human behavior which is based on observational studies done over the years & practiced by psychologists & psychiatrists. The limitation of this model is the absence of the spiritual element in humans & is thus restricted to a bio-medical understanding of man.
Many psychologists & psychiatrists who are also Christians have tried to offset this restriction by creating in ‘integrated model’ where they still use psychology to understand behavior , but supplement the solutions with the Bible, directing people to Christ as the Saviour & solution to their problems.
Both these approaches focus mainly on alleviating the symptoms of people with issues & rarely dig out the root issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT) is commonly used as it is often a pragmatic approach which has shown some degree of success in reducing symptoms.

Biblical counseling starts with a biblical model of man, created in the image of God & having a spiritual dimension to his behavior which is often termed as the ‘heart’ of man in Scripture as seen in Proverbs 4:23 ‘Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life’. Jesus said in Luke 6:45 ‘A good person produces good from the good treasure of his heart, and an evil person produces evil from an evil treasure, because the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart.”

Biblical counseling, defined in one sentence, is “a process of intense discipleship aimed at changing people’s hearts through the truth and power of God’s Word and the ministry of His Holy Spirit. “A process of intense discipleship” is required because we tend to be stubborn, slow-to-change, sinful people (Jeremiah 17:9). “The truth and power of God’s Word” is required because God’s thoughts about our problems (Isaiah 55:8), and therefore HIS counsel to us, is the only truth there is for the healing of our hearts and lives. “The ministry of His Holy Spirit” is required because what happens in the Counselor’s office is never effective if offered in our own wisdom and strength – we are guided by His Spirit and by HIS Word in every counseling session (if we are to be humble and effective instruments in His hand!).
Thus long-term sustainable change happens when people are willing to submit to voice of their Creator, specifically addressing the issues of their heart by His Spirit. The counselor acts as an instrument in His hands & a partner in the work that the Spirit accomplishes in the heart of the suffering person.

Meet The Team

Late Dr. John K. John (1950-2017)
In 1996, Dr. John received training in counseling by a team from CCEF and Westminster Theological Seminary. He felt called to begin a ministry for personal biblical counseling and went on to complete his Doctoral studies in Pastoral Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary, after which he started BCTI in 2005. Since then, BCTI has been growing steadily, training pastors and church leaders in Hindi-speaking regions of North India. Over the last five years, BCTI has trained thousands of pastors & church leaders through its IBCC training program and short seminars all over North India.
Dr. Ashok Chacko
Ashok is a Community Health Physician who was attracted to Biblical Counseling while attending a seminar by David Powlison & Paul Tripp in the late 90s. He & his wife Vinita subsequently attended the basic and advanced courses in Biblical Counseling at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), attached to Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, USA in the year 2005-06. Ashok has recently joined BCTI as it’s Managing Trustee & oversees the ministry along with being a trainer & counselor. He has been married to Vinita for 30 years & they have 3 sons & 2 grandchildren. They are both keen on encouraging families in developing strong marriages & parenting children based on biblical values.
Ebin Thankachan
Ebin has completed his Bachelor of Theology from New Theological College, Dehradun and BD from Serampore College, Kolkata. He is with BCTI since 2012. He is presently involved in Administration, liaising with and networking with individuals and other organizations concerning our trainings and books. He is also involved in managing the logistics of BCTI events as well exploring joint venture opportunities with organisations and churches. He is also ministering as an assistant pastor in his church. He has been married to Joshna for 4 years & they are blessed with a son, Nathanael.
Sarah Prabhakar
Sarah completed her studies in psychology in Sydney, Australia (where she grew up). She was registered as a psychologist there and worked mainly in the area of child and family counselling. In 2008, with her background in psychology and an Indian heritage, she came to Delhi to join the team at BCTI. Then in 2011 she returned to Sydney for theological studies, part of which she completed in the US at Westminster Theological Seminary/ Christian Counseling& Education Foundation, giving her a major in biblical counselling. She came back to India in 2014, joining the team at BCTI again. Sarah also works as the recitation instructor for BCTI-CCEF online counseling course.
Fairy Tak
Fairy has been working in BCTI for the last ten years. She began as a translator and then moved on to becoming a trainer for BCTI’s training programs in Hindi. Currently she is coordinating the training programs in hindi speaking churches. She also is a recitation instructor for the BCTI-CCEF online counseling course. She has a passion to see hindi-speaking leaders grow in the life-changing power of the gospel through training and counseling. Fairy is married to Mr. Ajit Tak and both of them are currently based in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh.
Shiju John
Shiju completed his M Div. from GFA, Kerala and went to teach in a Bible college at Bhopal for two years. His interest in counseling led him to seek further studies and he was able to complete M.Th. in Pastoral Care and Counseling from SAIACS, Bengaluru. He joined BCTI in 2014 as a trainer and counselor. Apart from this, he is also ministering as an assistant pastor. Helping others to seek God in the midst of their struggle is what Shiju is passionate for, and their hope-filled eyes keep him driving. Shiju is married to Stina and are blessed with a child, Michael, who is two years of age.
Nidish Philip
Nidish is a BD graduate from Bethel Bible College, Guntur and had joined BCTI in June 2012. He is presently teaching in the Hindi trainings and helps with the translation of materials into Hindi. He also serves his church in the role of an Assistant Pastor. Nidish lives with his family in Sagarpur, Palam.
Bino Philip
Bino completed his Bachelor degree in commerce from MG University, Kerala. After that he pursued his training and has completed his diploma as a Certified Finance Manager from Dehradun. He is with BCTI since 2014. Bino lives in Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj.
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