Modern Child – Monster or Ministry?

Article written by Late Dr. John K. John (Published in AIM November 04)  The world of the 21st Century child. Recently I was traveling by train from Dehradun to Delhi. As soon as I entered the compartment it was evident that I was in trouble as more than half the crowd was middle school students of various Delhi schools returning after winning a cricket match. They jumped up and down the seats, ran around and literally ruled this part of the train. These children were so noisy that I could not concentrate on the view outside the window, leave alone...

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SHIJU JOHN, Trainer and Counselor, BCTI This morning we (Jonathan, Nidish and me) were meditating from John’s gospel 6:16-24. The portion narrates walking of Jesus on water. During the meditation Jonny asked if anybody heard of any Christian walking on water. As we hear many miraculous incidence performed by Christians as healing of sick, raising of dead and other supernatural experiences. However, no Christian is heard of walking on water though many magicians claim to have done so. The question I had on my mind was what we have, from the portion read, to take away for us. Later the...

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Old Wine in Old Wineskins

Dr. John K. John- Executive Director, BCTI Recently I stumbled upon a video featuring Deepak Chopra arguing with an atheist on how his new age way of treating all kinds of health conditions, addictions and mental health problems is far more effective than the modern(western) medical model; the atheist evidently was not impressed. I also came across a news item a few days ago relating to alcoholism and substance abuse in Kerala, the ‘God’s own country’ credited with ‘universal literacy’. Kerala incidentally also has more people dying of a mix of alcoholism, depression and suicide compared to other states. Oommen...

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A Way Out: Beyond The Grave

Separated until the veil was torn The moment that hope was born and guilt was pardoned once and for all Captivated but no longer bound by chains left at an empty grave the sinner and the sacred resolved I was getting ready to sleep and was lying in my bed. A thought popped up in my mind- what if I get stuck in an elevator. Another thought came – I had heard that some people have the fear of being buried alive. I started feeling uncomfortable and claustrophobic feelings popped up, thoughts not helpful when you want to sleep! I...

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One of the twelve agents of the Jewish kingdom (on the move) might have been more daring than the modern day fictional character ‘007’. At the age of forty this Jewish agent went on an incredible spying job, brought in a ‘too good to believe’ report and thereby made himself eligible for a magnificent prize ‘to be awarded in future’. He hunted down his reward in just another 45 years! You might have guessed, I am talking about Mr. Caleb Jephunneh. The narration is found in Joshua 14. This is an example of perseverance and a story of a promise...

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