Introduction to Biblical Counseling Certificate

Introduction to Biblical Counseling Certificate

(Hindi and English)

The Introduction to Biblical Counseling Certificate course is focused on equipping pastors & church leaders for the ministry of biblical counseling and pastoral care.

We believe that biblical counseling serves to nurture the growth of caring communities, that are the ideal context for lasting change in the lives of individuals, families and society.

Our holistic training program is rooted in strong biblical foundations and extends to practical counseling skills. The Introduction to Biblical Counseling Certificate course is completed in two years in four ‘one-week’ modules, each held once every six months.

In the last three years, BCTI has completed more than 30 IBCC training modules, in English and Hindi, equipping more than 500 pastors and leaders in North India.

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Module 1: How People Change
Focus: Biblical pattern for personal transformation, Practical counseling skills

Change begins with us.
This vital module sets the foundation for the rest of the course, by inviting you to examine yourselves under the authority of God’s word and experience change in the powerful context of community.

Module 2: Instruments of Change
Focus: Biblical pattern for transformation through Counseling, Practical counseling skills

An instrument comes alive in the hands of a gifted musician.
The same is true of our lives. This module uncovers the biblical pattern of change and lets you discover how we can be instruments of change in the hands of our Redeemer.

Module 3: Health & Healing
Focus: Whole Person Care, Practical counseling skills

Jesus changes everything.
This critical module opens up the undiscovered power of whole person care and the holistic power of the Gospel. With emphasis on vital issues like Spiritual Warfare, Theology of Suffering and Overcoming Fear & Anxiety, you will never think of healing the same way again.

Module 4: Family & Peacemaking
Focus: Marriage, Family and Conflict Resolution, Practical counseling skills

All our joy and pain is in the context of relationships.
With biblical wisdom and practical skills, this final module empowers you to find peace, reconciliation and healing in the context of the most important relationships of your lives.

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