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Biblical Counseling Trust of India

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Christian Counseling and Education Foundation
(Philadelphia, USA)

Who is BCTI online training for?

For anyone who lives in India and is fluent in English ☺.

BCTI classes are designed for Christians who want to grow in biblical wisdom; learning to see life as God sees it and change as God does it. Some students simply want to be better equipped to help friends and family with their struggles. Other students want to go on to work as counsellors. BCTI online training is suitable for both students!

Our online students are youth workers, doctors, nurses, pastors, pastor’s wives, teachers, parents, other professionals, missionaries, NGO workers. They come from all over India. They find taking an online class offers great flexibility, as they are able to watch lectures and do assignments according to their schedule.

What exactly is ‘online training’?

‘Online training’ means that teaching and learning takes place via the internet. The ‘classroom’ is a virtual classroom, which you can login to any time and anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection!).

Classes are taught/ facilitated by CCEF and BCTI faculty. Experience lectures on video (or in audio), as well as interact with other students through SBC Online (CCEF’s School of Biblical Counseling), which brings together all that you need in one place (i.e. one website). Despite being online, you will find a rich community with fellow students and your tutor.

How much does it cost?

Each unit costs Rs. 6000/-

This includes:

  • All online material – lectures, notes, some of the readings (please note that books required are not included in the above costs);
  • Your tutor who will interact with students via the community discussion board and email, mark assignments and give feedback, and provide ready help if required;
  • All administration.

The cost per unit in India is heavily subsidised. Payment is to be made in advance (to secure your registration) and is non-refundable.

How much time does it take?

Each unit typically runs over a semester. A semester is usually 12 lectures, one each week, as well as a final exam/ paper due a week after the last lecture. There will be a mid-semester break of a week (often a good time to catch up on readings if you are behind!).

So in total: 12 lecture weeks + 1 break week + 1 final exam/ paper week = 14 weeks in total.

The amount of time required each week will vary from student to student. However, as a rough guide CCEF suggests that you will need to put in 2 hours of your own time for every 1 hour of class. For example, Dynamics of Biblical Change has 3 hours of lectures per week (sometimes this is less), which means that you would need to put in around 6 additional hours of reading and assignment work per week. It is important to note that not all weeks in the semester are even, so you may find that you have more work one week than another.

What do I need?

You need a good internet connection in order to watch the lectures online. It is possible to download an audio version of the lectures if you will be away from internet due to travel, etc., but some lecturers use a projector, so you will need to watch the lecture online in order to see this.

You may want to print materials, such as course syllabus, notes, readings, etc.. It is possible to do all this on your computer, however, most students find it helpful to print some or all of the course materials for note taking and reference.

You will need access to books required for each unit. Required books are not included in unit materials, and are in addition to the cost of the unit. Some required books are available from BCTI for purchase. Required books not available from BCTI students will have to purchase themselves. And you will need a Bible!

When can I start?

Two weeks prior to the start of semester students are sent an invitation to access the online classroom. Please see our unit forecast on the following page for dates.

Please note: Dynamics of Biblical Change is a prerequisite for all other classes. After completing Dynamics of Biblical Change you may take units in any order (depending on which units are offered each semester).

BCTI tentative* unit forecast for the next two years (2019, 2020):

Year/ Month February August
2019 Ø Dynamics of Biblical Change
Ø Helping Relationships

  • Registration by 18 Jan
  • Invite 28 Jan
  • Start 11 Feb
Ø Dynamics of Biblical Change
Ø Biblical Interpretation

  • Registration by 26 July
  • Invite 5 Aug
  • Start 19 Aug
2020 Ø Dynamics of Biblical Change
Ø Helping Relationships
Ø Human Personality
Ø Dynamics of Biblical Change
Ø Helping Relationships
Ø Counseling and Physiology

What will I get?

There are three different certificates, which are awarded to students upon successful completion of the relevant units (within a 5-year period, per certificate). Certificates are jointly awarded – ‘BCTI in partnership with CCEF’ – and follow the structure as outlined on the following page.

Also, we are happy to issue students with a transcript that shows which individual units have been successfully completed by the student. Please write to us if you would like a transcript.

Please note that neither BCTI nor CCEF are accrediting institutions. We hope to have accredited options for our online training program soon.

Where can I find more information?

Please look on our website for details about our online training program –
You can also see full unit descriptions on CCEF’s website –

Biblical Counselling Certificate – Foundations I

Unit Lecturer Credit Points (i.e. lecture hours per week) Total Hours (lecture hours; with additional study)
Dynamics of Biblical Change Dr David Powlison 3 36; 120
Helping Relationships Dr Ed Welch 3 36; 120
Biblical Interpretation Dr Mike Emlet 3 36; 120
BCTI Conference/ Residential

Biblical Counselling Certificate – Foundations II

Unit Lecturer Credit Points (i.e. lecture hours per week) Total Hours (lecture hours; with additional study)
Human Personality Dr Ed Welch 3 36; 120
Counselling and Physiology

Essential Qualities of a Biblical

Dr Mike Emlet


Monica Kim




24; 80


24; 80

BCTI Conference/ Residential

Advanced Biblical Counselling Certificate

Unit Lecturer Credit Points (i.e. lecture hours per week) Total Hours (lecture hours; with additional study)
Marriage Counselling Winston Smith 3 36; 120
Counselling Problems and Procedures Dr Ed Welch 3 36; 120
Theology and Secular Psychology Dr David Powlison 3 36; 120
Counselling Children and Adolescents Julie Lowe 3 36; 120
BCTI Conference/ Residential


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