A Proverb Driven Life

Author: Anthony Selvaggio
Paperback, 206 pages
ISBN 9780981540054

A Proverbs Driven Life is about the wisdom God has given to us in the Book of Proverbs. By this wisdom we can learn how to live in light of what is really true about ourselves, one another, and this wonderful yet deeply flawed world. Ultimately, then, this is a book about life lived for God in the light of divine truth. It’s about life as God intends for us to live it.
Proverbs offers an infallible guarantee that a Proverbs-driven life will result in spiritual and practical blessings. But it is vitally important to remember that the goal of Proverbs is not finding earthly prosperity or even wisdom itself. The goal of Proverbs is to grow ever closer to the God who is Wisdom.

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